Nick Geisler

I am...


... a writer, videographer, and creator in Los Angeles, California. I currently work as a Writer’s Assistant for a brand-new Netflix show, premiering September 2018, after two years as the assistant head of production at What's Up Moms, the #1 Parenting channel on YouTube. I also write comedic and political essays for ExtraNewsfeed, Indivisible, and Arts + Marketing, and spearhead the Unfulfilled Novel online writing project and Homecoming of Horrors choose-your-own-adventure novel.

I wrote, directed, and edited my first feature film while at Hamilton College. The experience proved to be crucial, and I quickly moved out west to work on productions for Amazon, Lifetime, and Fortune 500 companies like Google and HP as a cinematographer and editor.

Never content to sit on my laurels, I co-founded Birdman Bats, a baseball bat company in San Francisco. I handled our business proposals and projections, shot and edited videos, and helped raise over $25,000 in our first Kickstarter bid. While in SF, I also served as an Executive Board Member for the non-profit Lit Camp, connecting Pulitzer and National Book Award-winning authors with unpublished writers in the Bay Area.

Off the computer (and I swear I have a life off of the computer), I biked across two continents as an outdoor adventure leader.  I'm an avid cook and shameless food pornographer, and but only of my own food. I’d never ruin a dinner out with a selfie, promise. I grew up in Ithaca, NY, and Statesboro, GA, and still haven’t decided which one is home.

What's Up Moms
Video Producer/Editor
Garnering over 7+ Million Views

Extra Newsfeed

Assistant Art Director

Unfulfilled Novel

Futurism and Humans of the Future
Video Journalist for Social Videos

Wikihow Writing Fellow
Over 2,000 Articles Written

Apogee Adventures
Adventure Leader

Executive Board Member