Nick Geisler

Film and Video

I write, direct, and edit my own work, as well as contract projects. Contact me for collaboration on scripts, shoots, or editing.


What's Up Moms Original Comedy



As a producer and editor for What's Up Moms, a YouTube's #1 parenting channel (2 million subscribers), I help write and direct original videos and branded content for Google, HP, Pampers, and more. Edited on Adobe Premier.

I also co-created a series of Facebook Videos, visible here.

Birdman Bats Promotional Video

Created for Bay Area start-up Birdman Bats, this video was the centerpiece of our successful $26,000+ Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2016. As co-writer, director of photography, and co-editor, bringing this pitch to life was a blast. Especially sneaking all of that equipment into AT&T park...

Check out the Kickstarter page, which I wrote the copy for:

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RANN -- Original News Comedy



RANN, or the Random Ass News Network, is a fully-factual webseries with fully-fictional anchors. Each character covers a different spectrum of the news, including an anonymous cyber-security correspondent, an alcoholic Fox News-style pundit, and an inmate's rights reporter named Prison Rick. I am the head writer, director, and editor.

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House Divided Feature Film



Made with no budget, a completely volunteer crew, and little more than a passion for film, House Divided was my first feature film. A thriller about 5 friends stranded at a cabin in the woods, this black-and-white little picture eventually made it to the Hoboken International Film Festival. I wrote, directed, and edited it.


"Alone" Music Video



Along with the artists of San Francisco's band Daytime Nightlife, I co-wrote and directed this original music video. A goofy and fun little short film, we shot across the Bay over two weekends to bring the song to life.



Trump Hands Infomercial



Trump Hands Can! A satirical infomercial made for RANN, we showcases all of the wonderful things a set of tiny, orange hands can do for you. Use it in your kitchen! Your backyard! To sign dangerous policy proposals.... The list goes on!