Nick Geisler

A Feature Film

An old-school romantic who churns through girlfriends like gum meets his match after falling for a free-wheeling woman whose brain is literally connected to the internet -- and 2 million other people.

It’s When Harry Met Silicon Valley. It’s The Big Sick reflected in Black Mirror. It’s funny, sweet, and a little bit twisted. When You Become Us is a hybrid sci-fi romantic comedy, using a unique and plausible science fiction device (Wi-Fi chips in our brains) to examine the very real struggles of modern dating. What do we sacrifice to fall in love, how do you hold on to individuality and independence in the internet era, and how do you know when to make the plunge from “you and me” to “us?”

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Written on the popularity of my pitch to reboot Cowboy Bebop. Which is actually happening... Just saying, any industry readers. I'm on that pulse.

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