Stop Worrying about F--ing Russia

Russia is a smokescreen — all of it. Not just the scandal, but the semi-scandals that it’s spawned, including the assertion that Obama wiretapped Trump’s phones. Obama did request wiretaps on Trump associates. And they courts approved them. So why would Trump turn our eyes back to the Russia scandal by pointing out how federal courts approved wiretaps on that same Russian scandal?

Because it’s what he wants us to be talking about.

The more we focus on the story of what he and Russia did, the more we keep our eyes off of Steve Bannon’s very real and pressing dangers. We forget about Travel Ban 2.0, killing worker safety laws, and stripping the financial sector of any semblance of public responsibility (AKA The Big Short, pt. 2). Trump may seem “on the ropes” over Russia, but there is still no evidence of any wrong-doing. It’s still just media conjecture and baseless spin — two areas where Donald Trump can actually claim to be an expert.

While he keeps us at bay over allegations the general public can’t prove, however, Viceroy Bannon is dismantling the very regulations that keep America safe and solvent. And the more we act like Russia is the enemy, the easier that jobs becomes.

Russia is Not the Real Enemy:

We are so far ahead of Russia in every viable metric it’s almost inconceivable that we’re more worried about them than our own sham government. Think Russia is the enemy? We have missiles in Europe pointed straight at Moscow. You think Russia has rockets in freaking Nova Scotia? A missile base in Mexico? Not to mention that our economy could eat theirs for a light snack, even on it’s worst days(though Trump lifting sanctions could change that).

Sure, Russia dinged up our Democracy a bit. But this is, unfortunately, the way elections are run from here on out. Trump took the cheap, online-driven grassroots model that Obama made famous and turned it to 11 with grand success. That Russia helped Trump win was less of a decisive push and more of a cherry on top. The “bombshell” late email announcement from Comey was only helpful because Clinton somehow didn’t save one last bullet for herself — but we shouldn’t pretend that a reality star orchestrating a last minute shake-up wasn’t blindingly obvious in hindsight.

In sum — Russia may have helped Trump win, but it didn’t cause the Democrats to lose. Let’s be honest, the DNC should have shut this hack down in 2015. They were one factor in an already lost election. It’s time to deal with the effects instead of praying to change the cause.

Besides — we’ve interfered with so many elections in the past that it’d kinda funny (in a terrible, wish-it-was-fictional way), that someone actually did it to us.

Furthermore, Trump was proud of his connections to Russia during the election, advocating a reset in relations with the nation. Hardly the pose of someone who wanted to hide potential connections. It is, much more, the stance of someone who is giving us exactly what we want — a distracting, unprovable scandal. And, now that he’s embroiled Obama in it all, the classic Trump straw man, we’re eating it up in the hope he’ll get impeached.

Very Real Issues Require our Attention RIGHT NOW:

We’re not getting Donald impeached. An independent, thorough investigation might, but that is already clearly underway in the bowels of the Deep State. What we are doing, however, is giving him the perfect cover to rip up years of regulation and legislation on Wall Street, the environment, and consumer protections. Steve Bannon, on a crusade to break us down and start anew in a white, free-market fantasy land, doesn’t give two shits what we find out about Russia. He just wants us to keep looking.

And, as a result, we’ve allowed financial advisors to work against a client’s best interest. Bannon’s fact-free Russian free-for-all allowed him to dump sludge and waste in our waterways (“toxic-riverway”, to be fair, is what Bannon types into Zillow housing searches). Our pre-occupation is why we’re using lead bullets in natural preserves again. I don’t even think hunters want lead bullets back — Bannon is just at the point where he can kill regulations because, well, fuck you.

Russia is way behind us, a distant and unlikely threat. But Steve Bannon, death incarnate, is wreaking havoc in our small intestines as we speak. I understand that we want to impeach Trump over this but, really, it doesn’t look good for us. In fact, the Russia scandal is just giving more ammunition to Trump’s anti-news diatribes. We’re spending hours a day on stories that say nothing new and are, admittedly, light on facts. Breitbart is eating it up.

Our Only Evidence Comes From People We Shouldn’t Trust:

Because we don’t have anything but conjecture right now. We still don’t have enough evidence — we have leaks. And, furthermore, I refuse to put my hope in the American Deep State. And yet liberals have bent ass-backwards to pray that our CIA and FBI — agencies whose histories are full of both international and domestic terrorism, wiretapping, and murder — will somehow save us by ridding the world of Trump.

The fact is Trump and his surrogates are kinda right on this one. There is no evidence. Not yet, at least — not publicly. And that Russian Ambassador everyone is meeting with? He’s also in photos with Pelosi — photos she lied about. As much as we get pissed about fake news, liberals are the ones caught in an echo chamber of conjecture and accusations. This isn’t to say we should ignore Russia’s connections to Trump — it’s just that we should stop talking about things without evidence or new information. What are we — Trump supporters?

Until we wake up to issues we can actually challenge, more and more regulations will hit the chopping block. For chrissake they tried to fit in a regulation demanding that for every new rule proposed, two more must be overturned. I can already see Bannon suggesting new rules every day just to slash two existing ones, like some demented chain reaction of Magic cards (which Bannon definitely plays — just look at that mealy complexion). They don’t seriously think we’re that stupid, right?

No — they just think we’re too worried about / praying for a Russian scandal to care.

There are darker explanations as well — such as a purported financial interest for the Intelligence Community to kick off the Cold War anew, even though I highly doubt — when faced with the overwhelming multi-national threat of ISIS and watching our every communication — the people at these agencies really want another conflict on their hands. Still, even Dennis Kucinich is on board to divest from the Russian scandal for a few weeks. There are investigations in place, and and I’m not saying we forget bout it entirely. I’m just suggesting we have bigger battles over the next 4–8 years.

Because even when we do get Trump out, you know who we’ll have left?

Mike Pence: the Great White Dildo himself (seriously — he’s so damn smooth looking). And you better believe he’s going to crush any regulation standing between him and God’s America.