Stupid People Will Always Be Stupid

Why do we shame Trump supporters? Why feel shame at shaming them? Why are we (by “we” I mean “us NYT reading folk,”) so flummoxed on how to treat the racist, xenophobic segment of the population that just elected a moldy tangerine to the world’s (formerly) highest office?

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Nick GeislerComment
Turning Tables -- Protest and Police (Repost)

Like everything else in the world, this statement has nuance. When protestors fall to violent tactics, we damn our own cause even further. Ultimately, the only way to bring about real change is not through body-cameras or stricter juries, though they will help. What we need is to reestablish the human connection between cops and citizens. Division doesn’t change minds, it entrenches conflicting viewpoints. Of course, reforming the system legally will create more trusting scenarios, but those reforms need to come from within to some extent.

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Nick Geisler